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The Service Contracts Compass is designed to assist companies like yours by providing valuable information about changes in laws and regulations which may impact your service contract operation and by offering compliance consulting services that can help you keep pace with the insurance laws and service contract laws that govern your industry.

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- Do you wonder about recent law changes and need help implementing them accurately and timely?

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- Are you considering the acquisition of an existing provider or program and need a due diligence audit?

- Do you and your program partners have the right license(s) for the kinds of service contracts that you offer or sell?

- Do you qualify for any exemptions that you may be unaware of?

- Are you calculating and returning refunds accurately in every jurisdiction?

- Should you be charging or collecting state sales tax on the sale of your service contracts?

- Could you benefit from a limited scope operational audit conducted by someone that is “on your team” to help identify potential regulatory problems before a regulator does?

- Do you have a knowledgeable resource who can offer issue-by-issue and state-by-state support for regulatory matters that may arise regarding your service contract program?

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Legislation & Regulatory Activity

  • 01/04/16
    Florida MV – Service Contracts (PDR/T&W/Key)

    Legislation was recently introduced in Florida proposing to amend and clarify certain ancillary benefits permitted under the State’s Motor Vehicle Service Agreement (MVSA) law.  Florida House Bill 875, (see also companion Senate Bill 1120), was filed last month and has been referred to the House Insurance and Banking Subcommittee as well as the House Regulatory Affairs Committee for consideration.   Current law defines an MVSA as one that may provide coverage or protection “in conjunction with an additive product” applied to the vehicle.  Current law defines “additive product” as “any fuel supplement, oil supplement, or any other supplement product added read more

    Maryland – Motor Vehicle Service Contracts

    REMINDER -This law goes into effect on October 1, 2015 and creates a new registration and form filing requirement for certain mechanical repair contracts.   Maryland Senate Bill 630 amends Maryland’s Insurance Code, Commercial Law and Transportation Article relative to offering “service contracts” and “mechanical repair contracts” (a.k.a., vehicle service contracts).   Under the new law, obligors of mechanical repair contracts must now register with the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) and mechanical repair contracts may now include benefits relating to road hazard, dent/ding repair, windshield crack repair, key/key fob replacement among other things.   “Obligor” is defined as a “the person read more

  • 09/01/15
    New Hampshire – Service Contracts

    UPDATE:  This bill has been signed and is effective September 4, 2015.     A bill moving through the New Hampshire Legislature would expand this state's definition of "Consumer Guaranty Contract".    A Consumer Guaranty Contract is the name given to a number of consumer-related contracts including what is more commonly referred to as a service contract or extended warranty.   Historically, this state's service contract law has limited benefits to the repair, replacement or service of a consumer good, e.g. vehicles, laptops, home appliances or systems.   Senate Bill 119 would allow for the inclusion of such ancillary benefits as  paintless dent read more

    Arizona – Service Contract Form Filings

    Effective July 1, 2015, the Arizona Department of Insurance will no longer accept paper policy form filings.  This includes motor vehicle, consumer goods and home service contract forms which are subject to prior approval before use in this state.  Starting July 1, all service contract forms must be filed through SERFF, the on-line system designed and maintained by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners and used by all states for filing insurance forms and rates.   The Arizona Department of Insurance confirms that there is no specific statute or administrative regulation that mandates that service contracts be filed through SERFF.  However, the agency is read more

  • 05/20/15
    Utah – Ancillary Products and VPP

    New law in Utah effective May 12,  2015 amending the state’s service contract will be  allow certain ancillary benefits to be offered under a vehicle service contract.   The bill amends the definition of “service contract” to allow for the following:   Tire & Wheel damage due to Road Hazard Paintless Dent Removal Windshield Crack/Chip Repair Key & Key Fob Replacement   The new legislation also provides for offering Vehicle Protection Product contracts.  In this case, the VPP product must be limited to deterring or preventing theft and the benefit provided must be a flat amount not to exceed $5,000.   Registration will be read more

    Colorado Home Warranty Service Contracts

    UPDATE:   This bill was signed by the Governor on April 8.  It will be effective 90 days after adjournment -- which is approximately August 5, 2015.    A bill recently introduced in Colorado would expand the regulation of home-related service contracts currently administered under Title 12 – Professions and Occupations; Article 61 – Real Estate.  This section of law currently applies only to home warranty service contracts cover pre-owned homes and specifically does not apply to the same type of contract covering new homes.  Depending upon how benefits under a home warranty service contract are provided relative to new homes read more

  • 03/24/15
    Oklahoma – Service Warranty Sales Rep Licensure

    UPDATE:  This bill has been amended to remove the sales representative license requirement.  Bill is still making its way through Committee.    Senate Bill 823 proposes to amend the state’s Service Warranty Act, in part, by requiring licensure and appointment of sales representatives, i.e., those who act as the retail seller of a service warranty.    This bill would apply to motor vehicle and consumer goods service warranties.   Regulation of home service contracts would be unaffected by this legislation.    The bill also proposes new provisions relating to enforcement and prohibited acts  If enacted, the law would become effective November 1, read more

    Massachusetts – Motor Vehicle Service Contracts

    A bill recently introduced in Massachusetts proposes to amend the state's existing service contract law by allowing contracts covering motor vehicles.  Currently, the Massachusetts Division of Insurance considers a motor vehicle service to be a contract of insurance unless it is dealer-obligated or manufacturer-obligated and covering that manufacturers' own make of vehicles.   House Bill 258 amends the definition of "service contract" to include apply to "consumer products" rather than "tangible personal property" and now would specifically include motor vehicles.  Current law already applies to service contracts covering homes and consumer goods.   The bill would also allow a motor vehicle service contract to read more

  • 02/23/15
    Arizona – Motor Vehicle Ancillary Benefits Proposed

    Legislation has been introduced in Arizona that would amend and expand the state's existing service contract law to allow additional ancillary benefits to be offered under a vehicle service contract.   Arizona House Bill 2329 will amend the definition of “service contract” to allow for the following:       Tire & Wheel damage due to Road Hazard Paintless Dent Removal Windshield Crack/Chip Repair Key & Key Fob Replacement   The legislation would not allow for the repair of damage to, or replacement of, interior surfaces or exterior painted surfaces of a vehicle unless the coverage is provided through the sale of read more

    Hawaii – Notice to Service Contract Holders

    Hawaii House Bill 1422 would create a new section within the state’s current Service Contract Law applicable to motor vehicle, consumer goods and home service contracts.  It would require Providers (Obligors) to specifically disclose to service contract holders submitting a claim for the first time, that if a covered claim is paid within the prescribed “Free Look” period of the law (i.e., within 30 days of the date that the contract was mailed to the contract holder; or  20 days of the date the contract was delivered to the contract holder, if the contract was delivered at the time of read more

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